Custom Metal

  • Metal filters manufactured to your custom specifications.

Custom Metal

  • Metal strainers manufactured to your custom specifications.

Product Design Assistance

  • We offer a high level of collaboration between your engineering staff and ours.

Custom Manufactured

Metal Filters and Strainers

We are a world leader in custom engineered metal wire cloth filters, expanded metal strainers, and fabricated perforated metal strainer and filter components.

Yankee specializes in working with OEM design engineers to develop custom strainer and filter products that are manufactured with mutually agreed upon design. This process combines your prints with appropriate, collaborative design recommendations and material selections to produce more cost-effective, better performing filtration based on your exact needs.

Whether your filter needs range from sewage plants to seawater intake filters or small to large volume OEM production runs, your custom metal filters and strainers are always the most important part.

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