Design Assistance for Custom Metal Filters and Strainers

Our engineers help with the success of your metal filtration product

Yankee Wire Cloth Products has been manufacturing custom engineered parts such as wire cloth filters, expanded metal strainers and fabricated perforated metal strainer and filter components since 1963. We understand how various welds, materials and designs work with different applications.

Our team will work with your engineers to provide metal filter design assistance or help develop prototypes for any style of metal filtration device imaginable. We have helped turn thousands of ideas into working metal strainer filters, strainers and screens for a wide range of industries.

Your Design, Our Production

We follow our founder’s philosophy of “Mutually Agreed Upon Design,” a collaborative process where our team interacts with your engineering staff every step of the way. Those steps include:

  • Carefully reviewing your drawings and material selections

  • Recommending design or material options that deliver better performance and the most cost-effective finished product possible

Visit our Material Standard Data page to learn more about typical:

  • Standard wire cloth mesh data

  • Perforated metal filter and strainer standards

  • Expanded metal filter and strainer standards

Click here to view our materials standards data sheets. 

Typical Construction Variations

Filter and Strainer Types:

  • Cylindrical

  • Cone-shaped

  • Truncated cone

  • Square

  • Rectangular

  • Pleated cylindrical

  • Flat-pleated parts

  • Formed-mesh parts

  • Formed-perforated parts

Click here to view examples of filter and strainer types.

End-Closure Types:

  • Inverted bottom; can be mesh or solid-end material

  • Flush bottom; can be mesh or solid-end material

  • Bag-folded end

  • Pinched end

  • Crease and pinched end

  • Fishtail pinched end

Click here to view examples of end-closure types. 

Designed to Last

Whether your metal filter or strainer is just an idea scribbled on a napkin over lunch or a longstanding production run, our Mutually Agreed Upon Design approach will help deliver the best and most affordable option available.

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