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Yankee Wire Cloth Products is Dedicated to Solving Unique Metal Filtration and Straining Challenges

Yankee Wire Cloth Products is built to exceed expectations on just about any custom metal screen filter or metal strainer job. With more than 55 years of experience, we have skilled fabricators, engineering talent and design assistance to handle almost any metal filtration need.

Our modern, state-of-the-art, 35,000-square-foot facility lets us control every aspect of your job, ensuring the utmost quality and timely delivery. Our custom perforated metal filter and strainer capabilities include:


  • Wire Mesh Cloth – Up to 48” width with a maximum wire diameter of .063”
  • Sheet Material – Up to 60” width, ranging from 31 gauge (.010” thick) to 11 gauge (.119” thick)
  • Perforated Material – Up to 60” width, thickness ranging from .015” thick to .119” thick
  • Circle shearing up to 46” depending on material and thickness
  • Water jet and plasma cutting are available for special applications and/or heavier materials.

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circle shears


Our presses range from 27-ton to 100-ton capability, allowing us to meet a wide range of flange, ring, cap, bottom and formed component requirements. Along with the thousands of in-house tooling options, we can create anything from a simple blanked disk to formed intricate components. Whether it’s a single custom piece or thousands of parts, we can do it quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Press brake capabilities for the forming of brackets, handles, and bindings from 31 gauge (.010”thick) to 16 gauge (.060”thick). We can also bend, form or hem wire meshes.
  • Mechanical power press capacity up to 100 tons

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flange press
press brake capabilities forming
press brake capabilities brackets

Rolling and Forming

  • Roll cylinders from 5/32” diameter up to 24” in diameter
  • Roll forming of cones and truncated cones
  • Wire mesh square and rectangular formed parts
  • Forming of end closures; options include bag folded, pinched, creased pinched ends or fishtailed pinched end

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rolling forming
rolling forming wire mesh
stitched enclosures


Pleating and corrugating are dependent on mesh size.
  • Pleat heights can range from .155” to .437” by 23” long, and we offer select small pleat heights of .080” and .120” by a maximum length of 1-1/4” long. 26-gauge perforated material can also be pleated to a .437” height by a maximum of 23” long.
  • Single, double and triple layers of mesh screen can be pleated together depending on material thicknesses

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pleating corrugation
finished pleating corrugation
finished pleating corrugation mesh

Resistance Welding

Resistance spot, seam and circumferential welding for welding components and/or complete part assemblies. 

Resistance welding is the joining of metals by applying pressure and passing weld current for a length of time through the metal area which is to be joined. The key advantage of resistance welding is that no other materials are needed to create a bond which makes this process extremely cost-effective. 

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resistance welding mesh
perforated parts
resistance welded cylinders
resistance welded parts
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Soldering is often used on brass and copper materials, but it can also be used on stainless and plain steel. Soldering is a good option when resistance welding is not possible or practical. Soldering is also effective for sealing ends or edges. We offer lead-free solder or cadmium-free silver brazing.

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soldering parts


We offer a variety of epoxies for bonding components together to complete part assemblies.

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glued products

TIG Welding

TIG, MIG and arc welding options are available. These types of welding are a good choice for bonding heavy materials together or attaching brackets and handles to a metal filter or strainer.

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TIG welding

Supporting Capabilities

Our machine and tool and die departments support the manufacture and maintenance of our company-owned tools and dies and manufacturing of new tools and dies to be used for the production of new components.

Outsourced Partners

We have trusted partners to handle the few processes that we don’t do in-house. We handle these relationships seamlessly to keep your job on track and on budget. Additional offerings include:
  • Copper Brazing
  • Certain machined components
  • Passivation
  • Plating and powder coating

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