Custom Metal Filters and Strainers You Can Rely On

We take the time to understand your exact needs and help develop the right wire mesh filter, perforated metal strainer or expanded metal strainer to meet that need.

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We Are the Leaders of Metal Filters & Strainers

Customers have trusted Yankee Wire Cloth Products since 1963 to manufacture custom metal filters and strainers that meet their exacting demands.

We manufacture an array of unique wire mesh screens, custom perforated metal strainers, wire mesh filter strainers, stainless steel screens and wire cloth filters. Our customers include many Fortune 500 companies and cover industries including agriculture, HVAC, manufacturing, water treatment, energy and more. Our flexible solutions allow you to order one simple custom metal filter or thousands of complex metal filtration products. Our decades of experience and modern manufacturing plant ensure that orders arrive on time and to your specifications. That brings cost savings to your company.

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Customize Your Filter

Learn how custom solutions can solve your filtration challenges.

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Examples of Finished Products

Yankee Wire Cloth Products manufactured the metal filters and metal strainers seen here based on exact customer specifications. Contact us today or ask for a quote to learn more about how we can deliver a custom metal filter or strainer for your project.

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Pleated Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter
Brass Filter
refueling filter
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Our Custom Capabilities

With more than 50 years of experience and our own manufacturing facility, Yankee Wire Cloth Products can meet a wide variety of custom metal filter and metal strainer requirements. Our team will work with you to help select the best material for your filtering task, and we’ll manufacture your metal filter or strainer to the highest standards.
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Custom Metal Filters and Strainers That Meet Your Exacting Demands

See how our experienced team can deliver promptly and effectively.

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